Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Thoughts on Audible on the Kindle

I got through my first Audible book on the Kindle and overall it was a decent experience. It's nice to be able to switch to an audio book when your eyes are tired at the end of the day. And while I was pleasantly surprised by the various controls the Kindle offers for Audible books, they need to take it a step further.

Being able to go forward/backward by 30 seconds or hop to the next/previous section simply isn't enough. The controls need to let you go anywhere in the recording. Anywhere.

This problem was exacerbated by the Kindle's often delayed display for the roller wheel. Have you run into that before? You go to the home screen, select a title and press the wheel in, but the display was actually still being updated and it opens the wrong item. This situation is a bummer with standard content but it's a major hassle with an Audible title. I had stopped in the middle of a section, thought I was pressing "Play" but it turned out the screen was refreshing so what I actually pressed was "Next Section". Argh. I spent the next 5 minutes pressing "Back 30 seconds" till I found my place.

Amazon, please fix this via a software update!


Al Strauss said...

Amen brother. I have a number of very long MP3 files of university lectures. They run 1hr+. They are MP3 but can be loaded via USB into the audio folder. If I need to go back, say 15 minutes to repeat, I need to click 30 times 3 secs. Since the file has no sections. Audio books are available on CDs and have been chopped into 10 minute MP3 files to make listening and keeping your place easier, say on an iPOD. You have two choices in Kindle. Either load in to the audio folder individually which means your book list can now contain 100+ entries for a novel, or you can join them using available free software into a huge file which is very awkward to access with the poor kindle controls.