Monday, March 22, 2010

WANTED: Kindle Fan for Debate

We're looking for a die-hard Kindle fan who would like to be part of a point/counterpoint debate we're planning with an iPad user.  Contact me at jwikert [at] if you're interested in participating.


JindoFox said...

Is this really necessary? They're two different devices, with different markets and different purposes.

iPad costs twice as much, weighs twice as much, and the iPad battery lasts a fraction as long as the Kindle. iPad also does a lot more. Similarly, my Honda Accord goes faster than my mountain bike. Isn't that fascinating?

The Kindle is a single purpose device designed to replace your newspapers and books. It has a black and white e-ink screen that requires a light on it. It also has an integrated Amazon store and very limited free 3G networking. You can buy different cases for it. It weighs 10.5oz.

The iPad is a media browser that can can buy and view music, movies, and books, in addition to games and web content. It has thousands of apps and a lot of optional peripherals. It has a bright color touchscreen, speakers, wifi, bluetooth, an accelerometer, and an optional GPS and pay-as-you-go 3G service. It weighs 24oz.

It's possible for someone to own and enjoy both. One could even synchronize Amazon Kindle content between the two devices.

All of these facts are publicly available. Now that I've reminded you that you don't need to participate in the sport of "killing Kindle," perhaps you can skip the pointless spectacle of "iPad fan vs. Kindle fan."

Seriously Joe, iPad vs. Kindle is a false choice. You don't need to have a gladiator contest. It's not as interesting as you seem to think it is.

Joe Wikert said...

Hi JindoFox. I'll definitely keep you in mind if we wind up doing a debate about whether a Kindle/iPad debate is worthwhile. ;-)

In the mean time, there's no harm in having a bit of fun with this. I've already heard from several Kindle fans who would like to take part, so it would appear that others are interested in this as well.

Anonymous said...

But, Joe, Jindofox is right. You might do better to debate whether Amazon should continue making hardware or whether it should concentrate on software only for various platforms. That might be a more useful debate.

Old Lady

Joe Wikert said...

Dear Old Lady... You make a good point and I think the debate you're describing would be interesting too. But I also think it would attract a different audience. With the original one I'm trying to help consumers decide which device they should go with. Yours is more a philosophical debate about what strategy is best for Amazon. Again, I think that's a great idea but I'm not sure it does anything to help someone decide whether to buy a Kindle vs. an iPad.

Andrys Basten said...

I don't see it as an either/or just as I don't see e-readers vs physical books as either/or.

It's a binary world we live in lately - which is not an unnatural outgrowth of the digital focus.

I will have both the Kindle (or an even better e-paper type e-reader) as well as a web-tablet though I won't be buying the iPad-1 at $630 min + $29 connector kit for the 3G I do want (for downloading things from anywhere), because of missing features I do need, such as multitasking that I'm spoiled by on my Samsung netbook, the flash support I want for Hulu (and some will want for ESPN), an actual USB port, an SD slot w/o needing an adapter from a kit, etc.

Am currently interested in watching the Adam Notion Ink with PixelQi screen and the WePad. Will also see what Jobs does with iPad 2.

These are different devices - the tablets and the e-paper readers - and I'm not choosing between them though I'm waiting for a more flexible tablet.

What the tablet has to do is beat (or do as well as) my netbook, which is small and weighs about a lb more but has the good, large physical keyboard, a good hard disk, and a beautiful matte 10.2" screen. It's not between an iPad an an e-reader.

I realize you're disappointed with Amazon but I don't find anything for a debate - they're just too different and I like the idea of both.

Len Edgerly said...

Hey, Joe! I'm game. I was first in line at the Apple Store in Denver's Cherry Creek Mall Saturday to fetch my iPad, and I love it. But I'm holding onto my Kindle and am sure it will continue to play a large role in my love of long-form, immersive reading.

Anonymous said...

I bought a refurbished Kindle DX last week for $389 plus taxes. The original was $489. I had to buy an AC plug separately because the item didn’t have one.

And couple of days later they sell the newest one for $379!

This is cheating!

Amazon just dumped the rubbish for $390 and this week they’re selling the new Kindle.

They should have released the new Kindle first and then dump the old rubbish.

Amazon sucks!