Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Magazines...But Have You Heard of Them?!

Amazon is up to a whopping total of 20 magazines for the Kindle. 20. The device is more than a year old...all those magazines you see on newsstands and we can only get 20 of them for our Kindle?!

Here's a blog post about the two recent additions to the list. Have you ever heard of either of these? I haven't, and apparently neither have most people...despite their newness to the device, they're currently sitting in last and next-to-last place on the Kindle magazine list. Did I mention they're both priced higher than any of the Kindle edition magazines that typically sit in the top 5 slots (Newsweek, Reader's Digest, Time, MIT's Technology Review and The Atlantic)?

Will we ever see more of the mainstream, highly popular magazines in this service? I let my print BusinessWeek subscription expire with the hope that it would soon appear on the Kindle. I'm starting to lose hope. I just got a subscription offer for 25% less than the earlier offers BusinessWeek had been sending me...maybe it's time to swallow my pride, cough up the $30 and read it on dead trees again. Bummer.


Anonymous said...

The Escapist is something I used to read online all the time-- really good articles on MMOs & other virtual worlds

Unknown said...

The Escapist is an online magazine that is tech oriented, almost exclusively one video games. Cash is a brand new magazine AND it is a Kindle exclusive - not much wonder that no one has ever heard of it. It was also mispriced when first posted on Amazon - I contacted the publisher about the price descrepancy vs. the price on their press releases and they had it lowered at Amazon within a few hours (see