Monday, November 28, 2011

The Kindle Fire Needs a Killer App

My Kindle Fire is proving to be a decent ebook reader and a worthy tablet. I can't ditch my iPad though because I can't abandon Zite or Flipboard. I consider both of them to be killer apps for the iPad platform. Neither of them were available when the iPad was launched but I'm so hooked on them now that I can't imagine losing either one of them.

Given how long the Kindle Fire was in development I have to admit I'm disappointed that Amazon didn't see to it that one (or both) of these apps were ported to the Android platform at launch. I can understand why the developers behind Zite and Flipboard hadn't ported their apps to Android yet. Prior to the Fire no Android tablet made a dent in Apple's market dominance. But everyone realized the Fire was going to change that situation, so it wouldn't have been all that risky for either company to port to Android earlier this year. They didn't though, so the door is wide open for someone to create a Zite-like or Flipboard-like app for the Fire.

Meanwhile, there are no apps out there that truly make the Fire unique. A cheap tablet is great but Amazon needs to make sure one or more irresistible apps get developed soon for their shiny new device. And please don't tell me Amazon's content and cloud strategy are the Fire's killer app. I'm not buying it. It makes for a nice platform but delivery pipelines aren't what make people buy (and remain loyal to a tablet). Unique apps do though, as evidenced by my need to keep lugging my iPad everywhere I go.


Unknown said...

Joe, I have Google Earth, Google Maps, and Street View on my Kindle Fire. See my entry on how to do that at

Flipboard has been at Amazon Appstore for some time. I love it.

Anyway, another person with the same complaint wrote about this a few minutes ago, I just saw it, and I retweeted it :-)

" App of the Week-1Mobile "

Unknown said...

By the way, I've never used zite, but I see that app, which I recommend at the link I gave earlier, has zite -- it's more phone-optimized than tablet optimized though.

Flipboard AT Amazon is tablet-optimized for tablet. The element of surprise is my favorite thing there.

Amazon also has Newshog (Google) and Pulse. Have you tried these?