Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kindle Blog Subscriptions

After that initial wave of publicity it's clear Kindle news has really slowed down over the past several weeks. The lack of buzz is no doubt partially a function of Amazon's out-of-stock situation, a problem that's literally existed since day one.

That said, and despite the fact that the number of Kindles in circulation is still probably small, the number of owners subscribing to blogs on their Kindles is apparently growing. I've noticed several Kindle blog subscriptions showing up in Amazon's Computer & Internet (C&I) bestseller list. (Why they show up there is beyond me, but mis-categorized bestsellers has always been an issue on those lists!)

The latest Kindle blog subscriptions to infiltrate the C&I top 20 are:

#5 -- Amazon Daily
#11 -- The Onion
#18 -- The New York Times -- Latest News
So is this an indication of
(a) the popularity of blog feeds for the Kindle,
(b) the relative softness of the C&I segment, or
(c) a little bit of both?
Imagine how these blogs would dominate this list if Amazon could fix the inventory situation...