Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scott Hanselman Loves His Kindle

Microsoft Senior Program Manager and Wiley author Scott Hanselman is a former Sony Reader user who is now a Kindle convert. In this blog post Scott covers everything he loves about his new Kindle. He's so right about the one reason the Kindle exists: "To extract money from my wallet."

I find it interesting that Scott has grown tired of his iPod and leans more towards XM Radio, particularly since I'm heading in the opposite direction. I've had XM for a couple of years now and find that the old cable line is true: There are 500 channels and nothing is on! (Or in the case of XM, only about 170 channels.) I recently bought an 80-gig Zune and am rapidly drifting away from XM Radio. I'd rather use randomize and the fast forward button to listen to what I want to, not what some satellite DJ wants to play.

Be sure to read Scott's entire review of the Kindle; he covers the pros and cons quite effectively.


Craig Hardee said...


I haven't bought the Kindle yet, but probably will eventually. I saw a post by LifeWay Christian Resources CEO Thom Rainer yesterday about how he uses his Kindle in church. Here's the link:

Craig Hardee