Thursday, April 24, 2008

Excellent Questions from "The Motley Fool"

The Motley Fool offered up some comments on Amazon's first quarter results (see story here). Here's the Kindle-related piece that stands out most to me:

The lack of Kindle data is perhaps the most troubling, because this is where Amazon is riding on the hardware side, too. Owners and potential buyers are flying blind here. Is this a dud? Is this a hit? Is an updated Kindle on the way to clear up the original model's shortcomings? Is a price cut looming? It may be in Amazon's best interest to keep mum on those last two points until it's ready to take action, but I can't be the only one waiting on the sidelines to see the Kindle either evolve or earn its iPhone price tag.
Yes indeed...the silence is a bit deafening.


Anonymous said...

Joe, glad or rather sad to know this... price is too high and apparently as a consumer there's no way I can get my hands on one to see if I'd really like it... coupled with amazon's recent push to get pod publishers to use their booksurge, I'm not really happy with them anymore.

Anne W.