Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Amazon/Chase $100 Kindle Discount Deal

The blogosphere is buzzing about this one. Amazon has teamed up with Chase on a Visa card deal that nets customers a $100 savings when buying a Kindle. That means the $359 price I paid drops all the way down to $259 for those of you who decided you didn't want to be an early adopter. (Btw, if you feel bad for me overpaying like I did, buy your Kindle through this link and at least I'll get an affiliate fee on your transaction!)

Of course, you may save a few bucks by waiting, but buying now doesn't guarantee that your device won't be considered an older generation fairly soon. There are all sorts of rumors out there about a possible Kindle 2.0 before the end of the year, some speculating it might arrive as early as next month. As a result, this blogger feels the Chase deal is nothing more than a ploy to exhaust as much current inventory as possible before the next generation device arrives.

So it's like many other tough gadget purchases where you have to weigh the pros and cons. Amazon could make everyone feel a bit more comfortable about it though if they'd let all us Kindle 1.0 owners (and prospective buyers) know whether we'll be able to do software upgrades to any new features that find their way into Kindle 2.0...


RedZeppelin said...

I've seen others make the same connection between this promotion and a pending 2.0 release, but isn't Chase responsible for this promo and not Amazon?

Still, I fully expect a new version anytime now because that's my luck. I just got my Kindle in July, just over 30 days before this $100 discount started, so a new version next month would just be icing on the cake.

BTW: I enjoyed your appearance on The Kindle Chronicles. Thanks for the great blog.

Walt said...

When I ordered my Kindle the other day, taking advantage of this $100 discount, I assume it was designed to move units out of inventory (probably due to an upcoming 2.0 version).

But I decided I didn't really care. With the rate that technology changes these days, you could easily succumb to "new version paralysis" and never buy anything...knowing there was a new, better version just around the next corner.

I didn't need (or, really, want) the credit card but I'll just pay it off and put it away. Then close the accoutn at some point.

Who cares? I'll finally have my Kindle!

Walt Shiel
View From the Publishing Trenches

Joe Wikert said...

RedZeppelin...thanks for the kind note. I loved your work in the 70's, btw!

Walt, I suspect your approach will be pretty typical and that Chase might not wind up with many active cards resulting from this deal. Either way, it's a great discount on an outstanding device. Welcome to the family of Kindle owners!