Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's On Your Kindle?

That's a question I've heard a lot lately. Kindle owners and non-Kindle owners are curious to hear what's loaded on my device. Here's a quick rundown of the content currently on my Kindle:

The New York Times -- I finally got around to deleting older papers but I still have the last 4 days worth.

The Shack -- I finished reading this one a couple of weeks ago but I can't bring myself to delete it. Am I the only one who has a hard time deleting books after they've been read?... Btw, I was so engrossed in this book that I wound up buying it for my Kindle despite the fact that the publisher sent me a free review copy to read. Why? I forgot to bring it with me on a recent business trip and didn't want to wait till I got home to finish it. Ah, the power of the $9.99 price point!

The Bible -- My very first purchase. I chose the NASB edition because so many other Kindle readers recommended it over all the others.

Time magazine -- My one and only magazine subscription. It's not as enjoyable a read as the print version but it's close enough.

AP US News feed -- For a couple of bucks a month I get all the latest news stories pushed to me throughout the day. Great bargain.

Mitch Albom's Commencement Speech -- Again, I can't seem to delete things I've already read...

Animal Farm -- One of the freebie books I downloaded from Feedbooks, I believe.

Samples from 22 books -- Yes, that's right...22 different book samples. I'm a sampling freak. I love it that I can test drive just enough of the content before paying a penny. It's also saved me from buying a few duds along the way.

8 different Feedbook RSS feeds -- What a fantastic (free) service. If you're not using this one you need to.

At least a dozen different work-related documents -- I also love Amazon's free .doc and .pdf conversion service. I work with a lot of Word and Acrobat files throughout the day and it's wonderful having access to them on the Kindle.

There are a few more test files and other odds and ends on my Kindle, so many, in fact, that I have to navigate through six full screens of homepage content to see it all. I'm using about half the available memory and I have a 2 Gig SD card inserted that's full of classical music. There's nothing like a bit of Strauss when you're reading the latest news.


TSO said...

I've got to get some music on mine. The Strauss sounds great.

I get the Sunday NY Times only. First thing I do is read the article summaries and bookmark everything I think I'll want to read. Usually like 30 or so bookmarks. Then I read an article here and there when I get time, using the bookmarks and no longer having to navigate my way through.

Anonymous said...

I originally loaded up with books for a long European trip -- my initial reason for getting a kindle in the first place. Now they are almost read. I delete all amazon books as soon as they are read, since I can get them back again if I choose and it makes for a tidier menu.

I, too, sample a lot, since that allows me to consider books I might not normally read. If a good prospect turns up, I save it at Amazon, and then buy when I am ready. That way, if the price drops, I can take advantage. I do wish that I could get the New Yorker, and that amazon would make it possible to make folders so I could tidy up my menu pages. But other than that, I am a very happy camper indeed.

And thanks for the blog -- nice to see some quality kindle chat. I posted a description and some photos at my blog, that non-kindle folk might find helpful. Mahalo!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the US Constitution and all the Amendments. A freebie that came from here. It comes in handy to settle (ahem) discussions wherever I am!