Thursday, February 12, 2009

Five Great Things

One thing about the new crew publishing here at Kindleville--we are not pushovers! We cast a critical eye on the Kindle 2.0, provided insightful analysis about Amazon's manufactured scarcity, and noted the antiquated thinking of the Author's Guild.

So, during a week of tough love for our favorite e-reading platform, I thought it would be interesting to start a conversation about the five things you like best about your Kindle. 

Here's my list:

1) I love that I can read the NY Times on an airplane without my elbows straying into my neighbors' ribs and my fingers getting inky.

2) I love that I can have the five books I've got going at once, plus sample chapters from 10 books I'm considering, in something the size of the paperback.

3) I love that the New Yorker is now available on the Kindle. I have a paper subscription and don't keep up the way I should, resulting in a growing pile of magazines that I will get to some day but that clutter up my office and remind me that I'm not keeping up. 

4) I love being able to e-mail myself documents and PDF's.

5) I love having a dictionary at my fingertips to look up words that in the past I would gloss over.

What are your favorite five things you love about your Kindle? 


Stormy said...

1) When I finish a book, I can get a new one immediately.
2) I can carry around a couple of books at the same time in the size of one - I always read one fiction and at least one non-fiction book at the same time.
3) People can't see what you are reading. (Although everyone asks about it and ends up checking it out and reading the page you're on.)
4) Notes. You can highlight quotes and take notes. Great for searching and blogging.
5) Search. You can search for that quote or character.

Jo said...

I don't have a Kindle, and the best thing about the new Kindle for me may be that it will make used (original) Kindles available at a cut rate.

Where are all those Kindles that are about to become old technology and unused? I'm on a limited budget, but would love to have a Kindle, even if there's a better one available.

When you get your new one, can you let me have your old one at a cut rate?

soozzie said...

(1)I like the samples -- I can try various books I would not otherwise experience at all this way, and it has broadened my reading horizons.
(2)I like not having to devote half a suitcase to books when traveling.
(3)I like being able to shop for something and HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!
(4)I like being able to buy new releases at less than stratospheric prices for hard-backs; before kindle I was a wait-for-paperback gal.
(5)I like being able to adjust the font. I read quickly so usually want the smallest type, but every now and then in poor light or when tired, adjusting it upwards is a treat.