Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where no Kindle has gone before

Brier Dudley, a technology writer for The Seattle Times, recently interviewed  former Microsoft exec Charles Simonyi about his upcoming return trip to the International Space Station.  Dudley asked about reading material for the journey.

Will you take more books to the space station library?

I decided not to. I want to see if the old ones are still there. It's not easy to find things - I know exactly where it was a year and a half ago. It's really a Kindle the space station needs.

So you have a Kindle?

I do but it's not qualified for the space station - they're very nervous about electronics and especially software.

Simonyi went on to explain that the biggest concern with a Kindle -- or any small electronics -- on the space station is the possibility of a battery explosion.

Fortunately we've heard no reports of Kindle batteries exploding so I wouldn't be surprised if the Kindle were deemed space-worthy in the very near future. 

Now if they could only get Whispernet on the space station...


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Mr. Simonyi is the first Hungarian having a Kindle? Great. When he was in Hungary he told the Hungarian audiance about his space trip but maybe next time he will tell us about his feelings about having a Kindle! Not a bad promo for Amazon and ebook readers in general.