Sunday, March 9, 2008

Publishing with Amazon's Digital Text Platform (DTP)

Have you ever thought about publishing for the Kindle platform? If so, author April L. Hamilton has prepared an excellent, free resource for you. It's a 15-page PDF file called IndieAuthor Guide to Publishing with Amazon's Digital Text Platform. April covers all the aspects of DTP, including why to use it, how it works, what rights do you give up when using it and much, much more. Highly recommended.


April L. Hamilton said...

Joe - I'm glad you found my Guide and liked it enough to share. =') Since releasing the DTP Guide, I've added a new Guide to creating your own cover art using the free, downloadable CreateSpace cover art template, and I'm about 80% finished with a Guide to Publishing Via CreateSpace, which I hope to have posted at my blog later this week. As with the DTP Guide, I'm offering these new Guides for free for a limited time. Eventually I plan to compile all my Guides into a single volume and publish it as a book, but until then, I'm happy to give them away to help out my fellow indie authors. (P.S. Both of my novels are available in Kindle editions as well as trade paperbacks, and I've used DTP and CreateSpace exclusively to produce them.)