Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mitch Albom's Commencement Speech

Have you heard about Mitch Albom's commencement speech at his nephew's recent high school graduation? It's a 99-cent Kindle title and worth much, much more. My favorite quote is:

...taking chance is not really about risk; it's about avoiding complacency.
Well said.

And while the entire speech is both entertaining and inspiring, it's the product concept itself that gets me most excited. In the pre-Kindle days we probably wouldn't have access to this sort of short length work. It's too small for a print book and it's unlikely it would have appeared in a magazine. Thanks to the Kindle though, content length doesn't matter and prices can be as low as 99 cents, making these works irresistible, especially when the author is a big name like Mitch Albom.

Do yourself a favor and go buy Albom's speech. It's low risk and all the author's proceeds go to a charity for the homeless in Detroit, so your purchase will also help provide some lift for the needy.


Randy said...

Just bought it...and just read it. Thanks for the suggestion as the speech is worth .99 cents easily.

Very good points and it would have been nice to have heard it live.