Monday, July 14, 2008

Why No Subfolders?!

My documents list on my Kindle is getting extremely cluttered. I'd like to have folders to move related files into. For example, I'd love to have a series of subfolders within the "documents" folder. I can create one and move files into it (via File Manager in Windows) but it has no effect whatsoever on the Kindle itself; all those files in subfolders simply show up in the "documents" view and not within the named subfolders. In fact, the subfolder names themselves never even show up on the Kindle even though Windows sees them that way.

I'm stunned that Amazon didn't even think about a simple subfolder architecture like this. Heck, it's been a function of every major operating system for 30+ years!

Let's hope a software or firmware update is offered soon to address this embarrassing Kindle flaw. In the mean time, we'll all be wasting way too much time pressing "Next Page" and "Prev Page" looking for that critical book or document in a sea of downloads.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Folders or tags or a simple way to say "I've read this!"


Unknown said...

Until they do this -- and I hope it's soon -- I only recently found out that if you, say, have 10 pages of book listings on your Home Kindle-page, you can press on 9 key to get to the 9th page or quickly press the 1 and 0 keys to get to the last one.

And we already know that if we sort by Title or Author we can type the first 'letter' of the title or the author's last name to get put on the page on which the first result appears.

But that number-thing helps a lot.

I haven't checked to see what alt-nextpage might do when at a homepage.