Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One of the Best Kindle 2.0 Ideas I've Heard So Far

This one seems so simple and obvious but isn't that often the foundation of a great idea? I'm talking about this suggestion Lorrie Blackburn (see her blog here) made over on my Publishing 2020 blog. She wants Amazon to figure out how to take one of the greatest features of a physical book, the ability to pass it along to a friend when you're finished with it, and apply it to the Kindle platform. So once I finish reading The Greatest Generation on my Kindle, I could pass the rights to my copy along to another Kindle owner. As Lorrie notes, it's "something we've always been able to do with the dead tree version."



Ger said...

You can always add a friend to your account. When you do that they can access your entire library. When they have finished the book(s) just remove them from your account.