Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kindle Availability of Obama's New Book

I was glad to hear that someone has finally learned how to take advantage of e-book vs. print book availability. Barack Obama's new book, Change We Can Believe In, was available yesterday on the Kindle and is just now in physical bookstores today.

I immediately jumped on the opportunity to get the Kindle edition last night and plan to start reading it this evening. Btw, I'm still leaning towards the Obama/Biden ticket but I want to hear more about their plans to address the economy...


Len Edgerly said...

Joe, thanks for the tip on the new Obama book, which I just bought on my Kindle.

I found this factoid today in an article in the FT, re: plans for the economy: "According to the independent Tax Policy Center, Barack Obama's tax plans would reduce the deficit by about $600bn over 10 years relative to current law, while John McCain's tax plans would increase the deficit by about $600bn."

Fat Knowledge said...

I found this article on Obamanomics to be useful as to how Obama would approach the economy. I also feel that he takes the advice of his experts more than other presidents might, so you might need to check out what they are thinking. This interview with Bob Rubin and Lawrence Summers on Charlie Rose was useful in that regard.