Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kindle Bookmarks

The KindleKorner site continues to be one of my favorite Kindle resources. The main service is the message board, of course, where more than 2,400 members share their Kindle wisdom and experiences with the rest of the community.

I used to think KindleKorner was nothing more than a message board till I poked around a bit on the main page and discovered the Files section. There you'll find a number of useful items including my favorite, a collection of website bookmarks for your Kindle. I'm not talking about replacements for the bookmarks in your computer's browser...this is a file that you download to your Kindle and it offers direct links to dozens of great websites. Many of them are Kindle-related but others are just some of the most popular sites from all the major categories, many of which are optimized for portable devices like the Kindle.

The contents are updated from time to time but once you have them loaded on your Kindle you can refresh them with a couple of quick button clicks. Ever since I downloaded these bookmarks I find I'm doing more Kindle web surfing than ever before. Highly recommended.