Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kindle Covers

Like most Kindle customers I've been underwhelmed by the cover that came with the device. I spent the past couple of weeks test-driving a number of replacement covers and I found a winner: the M-Edge Leather Executive Jacket.

I love this cover for several reasons. First, it securely holds my Kindle in place without the need for a MacGyver-like solution that I implemented with the Amazon case. (If you trust the Amazon case to hold your Kindle you know what I'm talking about...the plastic clip really doesn't work, so I wound up adding a bit of Velcro to keep it from slipping out.) The Executive Jacket has nice, leather wraps on three of the four corners and the Kindle fits snugly in place. The fourth corner has an elastic band that allows for easy insertion and removal from the jacket. The whole package provides a great fit.

Secondly, I appreciate that the Executive Jacket has several sleeves on the inside. I can carry a small tablet of paper, business cards, SD cards and a pen/pencil. Everything fits comfortably inside without creating any bulges. I always worry about a foreign object rubbing against the Kindle screen. While the Amazon cover has a nice padded interior, I think the M-Edge jacket will be just as protective, even with all these items placed in the facing flap.

Lastly, the Executive Jacket just looks great. I don't know what the material is on the outside of the Amazon device, but if it's leather it's nowhere near as nice as the leather in the M-Edge product. Other Kindle owners have noted that the M-Edge doesn't have the padding on the facing flap that the Amazon cover offers; I figure I'm always going to have a tablet of paper in there anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

An honorable mention goes to another M-Edge product, the Leisure Jacket (which, for some reason, sounds like "leisure suit" to me). The Leisure Jacket is designed to solve a different problem. If you're taking your Kindle to the beach or if it will be around a lot of fluids, dust, etc., you ought to consider the Leisure Jacket. It (almost) completely envelops your Kindle and features a clear vinyl front so that you can read from the device without opening the jacket. The jacket wraps all the way around the Kindle but I still found all the buttons easily accessible, even the thumbwheel (thanks to a small cut-out in the vinyl front).


Justin said...

Personally I am more of a fan of the Kindle Pouch 'Dapper' from Hard Craft. While not a 'jacket' it's much more stylish and I prefer to hold devices alone with no extremities anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have no issue with the cover that came with the does its job..holding and protecting the isnt meant to function as a substitute day runner like these overpriced after market covers try to do..