Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bill McCoy Pleads for Kindle Openness

Adobe blogger Bill McCoy provides his thoughts on the Kindle with this recent blog post. His chief complaint is a common one, that Amazon needs to open the Kindle platform and enable other content resellers to participate. I tend to agree, but market forces will prevail.

As long as Amazon feels they're meeting their sales and revenue objectives, and this is hard to gauge since the device has been out of stock since day one, they're unlikely to open the system anytime soon. If the Forrester projection comes to fruition and they sell less than 50K units in the first year, well, that might cause Amazon to rethink their strategy; I've got to believe 50K would be considered a failure for such a eagerly anticipated product as the Kindle.


Anonymous said...

any information on how long it is taking to get one after your order has been placed??

Joe Wikert said...

I'm not sure, although I've seen a few other blog posts from people who recently received their Kindles. My guess is some are trickling in but it's still taking weeks to receive.