Monday, December 17, 2007

Unlimited Content: The Killer Kindle App?

I promise not to do this very often, but in this case I couldn't resist... I just posted an article on my Publishing 2020 blog about what I consider to be an enormous opportunity for the Kindle. The idea has to do with unlimited content access, much like what Rhapsody brings to the music world. I posted the article on my other blog because I think it has ramifications for the entire publishing industry, not just the world of Kindle.

Here's a link to the post. I hope you'll check it out and weigh in on the idea.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea. It seems for the economics to work more fully, more units need to be in the marketplace. It seems to be the evolutionary "next step" for ebooks and in the music industry as well. If Amazon and others get smarter quicker, they will quickly deliver this model to the market. If so, it will push a device like kindle to the top. I have ordered my Kindle for Christmas from my family as they are tired of seeing my books all over the place in the house and I am tired of traveling with only 1-2 books at a time. I have yet to hear back from Amazon on when I can expect to get it though.