Friday, December 21, 2007

Kindle's PR Revolution

Rohit Bhargava is the brains behind the Influencial Marketing Blog. One of his more recent posts has to do with what he calls the "PR revolution" that the Kindle brings. He presents four reasons to support this revolution (my thoughts in italics):

  1. RSS becomes a necessity. A subtle, but important fact. The more I rely on my RSS reader the more I realize that your site/content simply doesn't exist if I have to go out and find it.
  2. It integrates the reading experience. This is the point that really caught my eye. Imagine a future version of the Kindle becoming a document hub that enables you do do lightweight editing and other document processing without having to lug around your laptop. Very nice.
  3. It puts a premium on real time information. As Rohit notes, errata could become a thing of the past, particularly if the book you bought maintains some sort of live/update link back to the Amazon server.
  4. It leverages the Amazon library. This point is a bit overstated since the number of titles available for the Kindle today is a tiny fraction of the total number of titles Amazon sells in print. But, the Kindle list will continue to grow and eventually be as large as the total Amazon list.