Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kindle Korner Reader Suggestion

If you're a Kindle owner and you aren't already aware of it, you need to check out the Kindle Korner group on Yahoo. A lot of great discussions are already taking place there and one in particular caught my eye. This link takes you to a thread where one Kindle Korner reader suggests a new feature:

I would love to see a button for "E-mail me when available in Kindle format" on the main page of various books. Sort of like they have for upcoming new releases. It would give Amazon a way to track how many people want a title that hasn't been converted, and maybe provide that information to the publisher. Plus, it would allow Amazon to contact us as soon as the title is available, and thereby sell more copies. Even better would be to work this into the next firmware version for the Kindle so we'd have a menu ON THE KINDLE that showed two things:

1) Wishlist of books we're going to buy when we get around to it.

2) List of books we're waiting to be converted to Kindle format.

As soon as a book is made available, it gets moved off list #2 and onto list #1. This is similar to how Netflix does their rental page and movies that haven't been released onto DVD yet...
At least one follow-up comment noted that this would be yet another button on the product page that wouldn't apply to most Amazon customers. True, so why not just implement it so that it only gets displayed on the screen if the customer already owns a Kindle? Amazon has all this information and could dynamically build the page to show certain Kindle-specific elements like this if the person logged in is a Kindle owner.


Roy Blumenthal said...

Hmmmm. I see your point about yet another piece of Amazon clutter.

At the same time, I would absolutely create a Kindle wishlist for myself -- even though I don't own a Kindle.

So to restrict the info to Kindle owners only would remove one of the most powerful marketing tools Kindle has... the list of published books.

I live in South Africa. And it's going to be a long time before I purchase a Hindle. But I'll get one sooner than later. (And yeah... it needs to have bluetooth or wifi built in, or hacked in.)

And the most likely way to get me to buy a Kindle will be if I get notification that a book I love and cherish is on the list.

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