Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MSNBC Reviews the Kindle: Love the Service, Hate the Device

Lori Smith of MSNBC offered up this recent review of the Kindle. She compared the Sony Reader to Kindle and ultimately decided she'd like to take the best of both to create a better solution. She loves Amazon's service but, like so many others, feels the Kindle is clunky. She also let some coworkers play with both and provided this feedback:

I gave both devices to several people around the office — invariably, the early adopter geeks oohed and ahhed over the Kindle, but the actual book fans found the Reader far more comfortable and even sort of sighed pleasurably as they opened it. "It really feels like a book," was a common comment.
Here's to hoping Amazon will address this product design gap with Kindle Version 2.0. Btw, wouldn't you think a major site like MSNBC would allow reader feedback on their stories?! I wanted to add a couple of comments to Smith's review but there's no way to do so. Wow, even my low-tech local newspaper's site has reader comment functionality!