Monday, December 31, 2007

Limited Time Kindle Exclusives

As long as Amazon is out-of-stock there's probably no incentive for them to come up with creative ideas to spur more demand for the Kindle. Assuming they'll actually get to a point where they have plenty of units on-hand and want to drive more sales, they ought to consider what Paul L. suggests on Kindle Korner.

In short, Paul suggests that Amazon offer books for the Kindle before they're available in print. Publishers have absolutely nothing to lose on this deal, btw. Bear in mind that most books are (or could be) available in electronic format 2-4 weeks (or more) before they appear in print on bookstore shelves. Amazon could use this opportunity to offer the content on the Kindle as an exclusive deal for, say, a 30-day period. Given the right author, some percentage of rabid fans would no doubt consider this to be the reason to take the plunge and buy a Kindle...or it would at least help them justify it in their mind.

Imagine a world in which Amazon has cut a deal with a number of publishers and will now have new books from all the top-selling authors available only on the Kindle for the first 30 days. Buy it on the Kindle and read it before the print version even shows up in your local store. Pretty compelling.