Monday, December 10, 2007

Simon & Schuster Embraces eBook Devices

My Wiley colleague Ashley Z. recently attended the AAP's Introduction to Publishing Conference and brought back some interesting information about Simon & Schuster. According to Michael Selleck, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, S&S has been very proactive in utilizing eBook devices internally.

During Selleck's talk at the conference he mentioned both the Sony eReader as well as Amazon's Kindle and noted how these devices are really helping S&S avoid printing materials for meetings. In fact, here's a link to a page on the S&S site that talks about how "all sales reps have been given an eBook reader, replacing photocopied manuscripts." It goes on to say that "S&S estimates that this initiative has the potential to reduce the number of manuscripts reproduced for its sales division by 20,000 per year."

Hearing a publisher talk about how their content can be purchased and read by consumers on an eBook device is old news, but it's exciting to see a big organization like S&S adopt this technology for internal use. Kudos to the forward-thinking folks at Simon & Schuster!